Awrosoft is a Kurdistan based information technology development, consulting and services company established on 2006 to offer world class programming and communication services. We provide comprehensive set of software solutions, coupled with a range of IT services.

We are having comprehensive Software Products, Telecom Experience, Network Solutions, IT & consulting Services and in general we have established a robust company to grow. We are paving our way towards greater days and paths of continued excellence by making major investments over the last few years on the development of our product lines for mid & large size industries and enhancing our products for small businesses. Through exceptional execution and careful planning we will continue to grow and strength our relationship with our customers.

Our services include custom software development, web and mobile software development, website design and development, systems development; systems analysis; data conversion; network design and implementation and other IT services.

Human Capital

From our extensive system implementation experience with many clients we have a good understanding of the challenges ahead and actions required to help you to meet your objectives.

Working Environment

Awrosoft is able to deliver winning solutions to its customers by bringing together highly talented people in an inspiring and collaborative environment. It is this environment that makes daily challenges enjoyable and rewarding.


Awrosoft is managed by its core values and not by hierarchies. These simple, yet effective values have helped to grow our relationship with our employees, shareholders and customers.

Subsidiary Company

Awrosoft, a conglomerate of 2 companies, consists of 3 satellite offices, some partners and licensed distributors. Each company has brought the necessary synergy within the group to drive the company forward in covering and meeting diverse IT needs of customers across different industries.

Due to our fast growing rate and different types of activities that we had to launch to meet our customer needs, we have established a sister company to manage the diversification of activities and the corresponding personnel growth. Awro Products (AP) subsidiary company is a progressive young company with a clear objective – to provide our clients with innovative and cost-effective software solutions through the efficient deployment and integration of information technology. It is established in 2012 and committed to provide world class state-of-the-art, value added edge Software Solutions & Services to our customers in Iraq.

We aim to provide our clients with a competitive advantage through timely delivery of high quality and cost effective software solutions. You can get software based solutions for networks, file servers, database servers, web application servers, system management servers, content management, e-security, and a host of other solutions including storage & backup management from one place itself rather than patching up different vendors or integrators.