Industries Served

Awrosoft product portfolio, whether being assessed as number of different modules and or whether covering customer requirements, has been unlike any other software in Iraq in helping customers to improve their business processes and achieve their objectives. We have developed customized products for manufacturing, service, private and public sector.

Our products can be categorized across the following industries:

Manufacturing Industry

We have developed a set of applications that cover the manufacturing processes and managerial accounting. Manufacturing companies have varying degrees of business model, and in addition to software, Awrosoft has developed custom solutions for some of the key processes.

Commerce & Service Industry

Within the commercial and service industry, our clients can enable their business processes and improve their productivity by using the workflows that are included in our applications.

Public sector

Within this sector, Awrosoft is providing solutions to address internal processes of public sector. Providing an integrated and configurable solution is the main advantage of our solution. Even though our solution is comprehensive, it can be quickly deployed in public sector organizations.