Mid-Large Businesses

With the development of back office suite, front office applications, Awrosoft has been able to fulfill a business need for many corporations in Iraq. Our products are the culmination of a decade of experiences helping our clients to become more efficient and cost effective. Lessons learned and best practices that we gained, has enabled us to develop appropriate solutions to address business challenges across manufacturing, service, private and public sector. Furthermore, we have developed customized solutions that address the need of both medium/large size customers and also the small ones.

Based on a decade of software development experiences that we gained by helping diverse range of customers to meet their objectives, we have been able to develop several modules of ERP solutions for both medium/large size customers and off the shelf solutions for small size customers. Through these targeted solutions we have been able to meet our customer expectations in helping them to solve their issues effectively and efficiently.

Through integrated and modular based architecture, these products help our customers to:

  • Address the key ERP processes of their organization
  • Accelerate the implementation process and value realization
  • Allow key users complete control over organization’s activities and monitor applicable data
  • Develop an information infrastructure to assist in insight generation

Key features of Awro Products:

Process Based

Enable customers to automate existing processes and also introduce new enabling processes


Enable customers to configure the system based on their needs through workflows, reports and forms

Web Based

Through our simple and robust web based system, organizations are able to:

  • Significantly reduce the cost of installation, support and updates
  • Connect from anywhere and at any time
  • Use the system independent of the operating system
  • Secure enterprise data due to elimination of application installation on end-users computers

On par with the technology platform as other comparable global products, Awro Products have been produced with the aim of fulfilling future customer needs and growth of IT industry in Iraq.

We continue to focus on our customer centric agenda by considering different needs of each customer and their industry in enabling our customers to meet their objectives through our New Product lines.

Small Businesses

We are also supporting our small business clients to manage their business more effectively. Those valuable experiences have enabled us to develop an affordable product that is easy to install and use.

The experience that we gained in addressing the needs of mid & large size business across enabled us to develop an appropriate go to market approach for our small business customers.

Through our ready products, the customers have been able to achieve the following benefits:

  • Integration of all business information and making timely and more accurate decisions through generation of actionable insight
  • Generation of management dashboard where key business activities are reported and tracked such as receivables and collectables

After-sales service

One of the key advantages of Awro Products is that they are easy to use and very intuitive. These characteristics reduce the need for support. Still, to assure our customers of the product, we provide after-sales service through our online channel, phone and on site engineers.